1378 Test Bot Reporting for Duty!

After trial and error in making the Frisbee launcher, our underclassmen decided to make a drive out of spare parts. With 6 wheels and a mid-drop, it was the perfect guinea pig for our launcher. With large amounts of tape and and some scrap metal, the launcher was finally secure enough to shoot. Taking it outside, we did a drive test which was executed perfectly. Moving into position, our second driver spun up the launcher and with bated breath, we inserted the Frisbee. It was amazing. We also tested the consistency of the shots. The results were phenomenal. The launcher was is a great. Even thought the experiment was a success and the mid-drop drive worked really well, we’re still trying to improve it so that it would be easier to aim and the spin-up time faster.  You can check out our test video below. Also, we’ll be working on updating more frequently so be sure to check in often!