2013 FIRST Kickoff

A mere five days after the new year, the most intense and exhilarating robotics competition in the U.S. has just begun.  Every year, the robotics organization called FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) releases a new game challenge, is always met with excitement from clubs all over the world.  The game this year is called “Ultimate Ascent”, a play on the game Ultimate Frisbee.

Naturally, the game pieces this year aren’t basketballs, but frisbees.  Teams this year have to devise ways to launch the flying plastic discs through goals that reach up to nine feet off the ground, and if they so choose, hang their robot off of a pyramid at the end of the match.

Hilo Viking Robotics met this rainy Saturday morning to begin turning these daunting challenges into an impressive reality.  We began by separating the features that we needed from those that we merely wanted and wished for.  We then assigned our members do different task groups that are responsible for certain elements of the robot.  These procedures were carried out to maximize our club’s efficiency during the short, six week build time we are given.

Happy New Year, and good luck to all of the teams out there.  We look forward to having a great year, and thank you all for your continued support.