2015 – 2016 Vex Robotics Game: Nothing but Net!

Introducing this season’s game: Vex Nothing but Net.

Yet again, Vex Robotics has given us an exciting challenge. This time, bringing a complete fresh approach to playing Vex Robotics.

As with all Vex Robotics Competition games, Vex Nothing but Net is played on a 12 foot x 12 foot field. There are two alliances, one red and one blue, composed of two teams each. Each robot is limited to a size of 18 inches by 18 inches by 18 inches. The object of the game is to score the most amount of points through the scoring methods set by the game. Teams compete in matches with a 15 second autonomous period followed by a 105 seconds of driver operated period. The alliance that scores the most during the autonomous period will be granted a 10 point bonus.

The main scoring objects of the game are yellow foam balls and orange foam balls, each with a diameter of 4 inches. There are 10 tetrahedral structures on the field with 3 yellow balls and 1 orange ball each. In addition to this, each alliance has 4 pre-load balls per robot to load before the start of the match, and 24 driver control loads to load into robots throughout the match. The net at the opposite end of each corresponding alliance station forms a sleeve with a triangular opening at the top, representing the high goal, and a ramp extending down to the ground, forming a gap between it and a barrier(pipe), which represents the low goal. The yellow balls scored in the low goal are 1 point, and the same balls scored in the high goal are 5 points. The orange bonus balls are worth twice as much as any yellow ball. In addition to this, near the end of each match, alliance robots can move toward the climbing zone, represented by the triangle formed by the opposing corners of each colored tile and the nearest pyramid of balls, and attempt to lift alliance robots off the ground.  A robot lifted 4 inches off the ground is considered low hanging, and is worth 25 points, while a robot elevated 12 inches off the ground is considered high hanging, worth 50 points.

However, there is a twist, setting this year’s game apart from all previous games. Aside from aiding in the elevation of a partner robot at the end of a match, robots will not be able to extend outside of the 18 inch by 18 inch by 18 inch limit, challenging teams to find much more creative ways to score balls into the goal zones.

Nothing But Net Field

HVR is excited for another fun and educational Vex Robotics Competition Season.

For more information, please read the Game Manual.

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