2015 FIRST Build Log: Week 6


Day 33:

Sunday, February 8th

Today we finished installing wheels, bearing blocks, and cams onto the chassis. Meanwhile, our electronics team finished connecting all of our wires. The programming team finished adjusting our first FIRST drive program. By the end of the day we had a chance to drive the robot, successfully clearing the scoring platform.

We also adjusted the sponsor plate to fit the electronics board.


Day 34 and 35:

Monday, February 9th and Tuesday, February 10th

On Monday and Tuesday we primarily worked on adjusting the lift mechanism. Our lift this year is a single stage elevator lift powered by a spool at the bottom, pulling on cables that will lift the claw.

Meanwhile, we also worked on mounting LED lights onto various parts of our robot to make the robot aesthetically pleasing.


Day 36:

Wednesday, February 11th

Today was the day of the Hilo High School Foundation Dinner. The HHS Foundation is a group of individuals, mostly HHS alumni, who support the growth of the various organizations at Hilo High school. In the past we have impressed the foundation with our achievements and influence on our community, convincing the foundation support HVR with a very generous donation.

This year, some of our representatives attended the dinner to demonstrate what our organization does, and how we benefit our community. We hope to continue earning the generous support of our community in order to continue our everyday operations.


Day 37:

Thursday, February 12th

Today we continued to work on the lift and claw. Unfortunately, many unexpected errors occurred in the lift, such as the cable snapping out and the cable winding around the spool in unpredictable ways. We also added bearings to the claw to best secure the structure.


Day 38:

Friday, February 13th

Today we continued work on the lift, completing the first model of the cable elevator lift. Because the lift is split into two parts to fit in out shipping crate, the lift carriage has some trouble going over the lift joint. We will be adjusting both the carriage and the lift joint.

The programming team installed encoders on the chassis gearbox and started integrating its functions into the drive program. The programming team also set up the pneumatic system and controls. However, it did not work very well at first due to a leak in the tubing, which was found and replaced promptly. Lastly, we reconfigured the drive control for convenient driver control as opposed to the test buttons we had before.

Meanwhile, we also had a few of our members clean our auto shop in preparation for drive and autonomous testing.


Day 39:

Saturday, February 14th

Today we continued work on the lift. To address the issue with the sliders on the lift slipping out, we put together a spring system so that our delrin slides are always against the lift frame. We also worked on setting up the cable and pulley system on our lift. Our plan was to attach hooks with cables onto the top and bottom of our lift carriage to allow complete control when lifting up or down. Unfortunately, due to the way the cables wrap around the spool unevenly, we could not predict the tension on the cables, resulting in the cables being warped unnaturally when we tried to move up and then down. Because of this, we may need to reevaluate our pulley system design.

At the end of the day, we had our lift working enough to perform a few test drives. We were able to pick up three totes(we only had three) and cap the stack with a recycling bin.

Today was Valentine’s day, as well as our head builder, Caleb Rogers’ Birthday. To celebrate, we had red velvet cupcakes. Delicious.



Only three days remain of our build season. These three days will be critical to complete our robot and prepare our team as best as possible for competition. Next week we will finish any build tasks, and then test our autonomous program, and also give our drivers some practice. Stop build day will be next Tuesday, February 17th.