2015 FIRST Build Log: Week Two

Day 9:

Monday, January 12th, 2015

In no time at all, we have entered the second week of build season.

Today our prototype team began working on the scoring platform to see if our kit robot can successfully drive over it. Meanwhile our CAD team noticed some more conflicts in the robot designs and continued to adjust the design to be as good as possible. We also had several of our members get started on award documents and procedures.

Today was also our first late night (working until 9:00), so we had our first FIRST team dinner. We ordered Chinese food and cooked rice with our brand new rice cooker that we had donated to us. Comically, we had run out of plates, so our members had to eat out of cups.


Day 10:

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Today was the first day back to school from our long break, and we are eager to make progress, as every day is essential to building a successful robot. However, part of being an excellent member of HVR is being an excellent student. That said, the first two hours of our meeting times have been allocated to study hall. During this time, students will work on homework, and if they finish, help others or research discussions about FRC.

With all of our members back from vacation, we continued to make significant progress all around. Our design team continued to adjust their CAD as necessary, and our awards team continued to outline and review the criteria for all the awards.

Our prototype team succeeded in completing the scoring platform, and our programming and wiring team completed a drive program for our kit robot. We found that the kit robot was able to successfully drive over the platform.

Tonight we cooked more rice and had one of our member’s parents donate fried chicken. We are grateful for the support that our club’s parents provide. We will continue to work hard to make them and the rest of our community proud.


Day 11:

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

We continued to work on awards and practiced programming. Our prototype team started working on the claw that our design team made in CAD. We had the chassis, lift, and claw designed so we put together our parts list and got ready to order it. Unfortunately, we noticed some last minute problems when reviewing how the different parts were put together, and had to do some more work before finishing the parts list. As soon as our parts get in, we will be able to put together our robot and see if anything goes wrong.


Day 12:

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Today we made some last changes to our CAD and submitted our purchase order for the parts we needed. Our awards team continued to make progress with summaries of our many outreach events and activities. We also started work on our upcoming Camp Eureka, where we will be teaching a group of young children introductory robotics. Meanwhile the prototype team made some more progress on the claw prototype.


Day 13:

Friday, January 16th, 2015

Today our awards team finished editing the individual summaries of events, and started work on the final essay and sustainability plan. Our programmers continued to practice their skills with some online challenges. Our prototype team made some more progress on the claw, but noticed several issues pertaining to the friction between the sliders on the claw. We also tested out our new LED light tape. Very pretty.

At the end of the day we had several of our generous parents bring in food. Tonight we got to eat Pork Adobo, Chili, Lasagna, and some rice, cooked at our very own auto shop.


Day 14:

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Today we continued to work on our awards documents and programming practice. The prototype team has mounted the claw onto the board that will hold it and has made the slider systems work using lots of grease. All thats left is to attach the arms and pneumatics. That said, our programming team has also started researching and working on a program to control pneumatics. Meanwhile we have also been making progress on Camp Eureka. Our fliers are finished and one of our camp curriculums is nearly done.

This week concludes our designing phase. As soon as we get our order in we can start working on constructing our robot and addressing any issues that occur. Meanwhile we will continue prototyping, learning about the control system, and working on awards.

We also started getting lots of mosquitoes so we began burning incense to repel them.