2015 Hawaii Con!

On September 12th, 2015 HVR participated in the annual Hawaii Con, held at the Hapuna Prince Hotel! Hawaii Con is a four day convention that combines classical science fiction and the latest scientific and engineering breakthroughs with local island culture. The convention offers several interactive workshops and presentations with renowned professionals from several science fields. Convention attendees could also talk with science fiction celebrities and explore the beauty of the Big Island’s natural environment through several out door activities.

At the convention HVR was given the opportunity to have a booth for the entirety of the convention’s four days, September 10-13. In addition to this, HVR had the chance to give a free robotics workshop where participants could learn about robotics programs like HVR, build their very own Vex IQ robot and compete in a mini-competition. We had a very nice audience and lots of fun!

In addition to hosting the workshop, HVR members were invited to enjoy the many workshops, presentations, and activities offered by Hawaii Con. Among these activities was the Super Smash Brothers tournament, won by our very own member, Kenji Emerson. Kenji will receive a free four-day pass to the 2016 Hawaii Con.


All in all, Hawaii Con has been both a very educational and fun event. We look forward to participating again next year and hope to see many more people involved!