2015 Summer Overview

Hey folks!

We hope everyone has had an outstanding summer, because we sure have!

HVR would like to share what we have been able to do over the summer!

Vex Robotics

After the 2015 – 2016 Vex Robotics Game Reveal in April, HVR immediately started designing and building their robot. HVR teams have worked throughout the entire summer to brainstorm, design, and prototype their robots. Here is what we have so far:


Summer 2015

June 6th, Na Pua Noeau Workshop

We started our summer with a workshop with thirty talented students from the Na Pua Noeau program. The students worked in groups, working one on one with HVR members to build their very own Vex IQ robot, and then driving it in a competition. The group was especially excited and fun to work with.DSC_0139

June 15th – 19th, Summer Camp Eureka

For our second week of summer, we held our annual Summer Camp Eureka. In this camp we were able to teach 25 students robotics and engineering concepts through the Vex IQ and Lego NXT platform. As this camp’s theme was space, students were also taught about the applications of robotics in space, notably the Mars and Moon rovers. Challenges included an obstacle course where robots must traverse rough terrain, as well as space themed missions such as astronaut transportation and data collection.


July 9th, Upward Bound Robotics Workshop

Nearing the end of summer, we shared robotics with another group; the Upward Bound program at UH Hilo. A total of 14 students worked in pairs or individually to build a simple robot and compete. The Upward Bound program is a program that helps motivated students reach a post secondary education, leading to a bachelor’s degree. In order to help these students, HVR also shared the college and career opportunities that a robotics club offers.


June 9th – July 28th, Subaru Telescopes Internships

Throughout this summer, three HVR members had the opportunity to take part in a summer internship at Subaru Telescopes. In these internships, students had the opportunity to work at a professional facility, mentored by experts in the field. Here are the three students and their projects:

  • Ara Uhr – Ara’s project this summer was to use photo editing software to create new designs for Subaru’s mascot, Subby. A variety of themed designs were produced, including Halloween themed Vampire Subby, Traditional Japanese Subby, Hawaiian Subby, Telescope crew Subby, and many more.
  • Caleb Rogers – Caleb’s project was to test the efficiency of a mini telescope. These telescopes were designed to be easily made and easily placed to observe the sky at a variety of different locations. The goal was to see if it would be efficient to have inexperienced high school and college students build the same telescopes across the world.
  • Hua Uehara – Hua’s project this summer was to build a vibration isolation pallet along with a device to measure the vibration reduction capacity of the pallet. The pallet was designed to help protect instruments and computer equipment that would get damaged by the shock and vibration that result from traversing rough terrain on the way up to the telescopes on the summit.


HVR is excited for a new school year, and look forward to recruiting new members and continuing to work with everyone in the community!