Vex: Starstruck (2016 – 2017)

The exciting game for the 2016-2017 season of Vex has obscure and unique scoring objects. Welcome to Starstruck.


As with every Vex game in the past, Starstruck is played on a 12-foot by 12-foot field. There are two alliance, one red and one blue, composed of two robots each. Each individual robot is limited to an initial size of an 18-inch cube. The object of this game is to score the most amount of points through various scoring methods. Teams compete in matches with a 15-second autonomous period followed by a 105-second driver-operated period. The alliance that has the most points at the end of the autonomous period will be granted a 4-point bonus.

To recap the reveal video: scoring objects are only worth points when they are on the other side of the fence from your half of the field. If the scoring object is on the furthest half of the field then it is worth double the points. Stars and Cubes (being worth more than Stars) are this games biggest feature as their size, shapes, and consistencies are all unique to Starstruck. Teams can also earn points by hanging on the pole located in the corners of the field.

Please click here to access the game manual.  This year, we have three Vex teams, two of which are composed of highly experience members and one with our freshmen members.  Although we divide into teams, everyone collaborates in order to create the best product possible.  Our team 1378X has participated in the 2016 Pan Pacific Tournament, the 2016 Waiakea Intermediate Tournament, and the 2016 Kohala High Tournament so far this year.  To view their engineering notebook, please click here!

We look forward to an excited new season of Vex! Stay tuned for more details on our builds as we make our way to competition.