2016 East Hawaii Waiakea Competition


East Hawaii VEX Robotics Competition

The East Hawaii VEX Robotics Competition is the annual VEX competition held on the east side of the Big Island. Teams primarily from the island of Hawaii typically attend this competition as their main competition. Although not as plentiful in attendance, teams from the neighboring islands also attend this competition. This year the competition was hosted by Waiakea Elementary School in their cafeteria on Nov. 4 and 5. With a total of 16 teams, this year featured a small range of teams of participating. This tournament was held in the same format as most other VEX regional competitions, qualification matches followed by picking of alliances for upcoming elimination matches. The one difference at this competition was the minimal number of teams which affected the elimination matches and alliance partnering. Instead of the normal 3 teams per alliance, there were only 2 team alliances which caused for all the teams participating to make it to the elimination stage of the competition. Hilo Viking Robotics once again entered a single team under Team 1378X. This team is one of the more veteran teams in Hilo Viking Robotics.

Video of 1378X in Action