2016 Summer Connections Workshop

For 3.5 weeks this summer, Hilo Viking Robotics visited Connections Public Charter School to mentor and teach the basics of robotics. We had two different sessions, one for Lego NXT and the other for Vex IQ. During each session the students were given time to create a robot. For the NXT session, their objective was to traverse a maze, teaching programming and building. For the Vex IQ session, their objective was to create robots that can compete in sumobot battles, teaching building, structure and gear ratios.

Students of all ages built and programmed their own robots, completed challenges, and competed against each other.  We have highly enjoyed our time at Connections this summer. Our club has been impressed and excited by the enthusiasm of the students, and hopes to continue this successful partnership with Connections in the future.


Lego NXT Session:


Vex IQ Session: