Second Place Overall at the Waiakea VEX Tournament

The secret weapon is in action- HVR’s new and improved hoarder-style robot. Using it in the tournament, we’ve climbed back up the rankings and into first place. Selecting our own team 1378Z as an alliance partner, Hilo Viking Robotics dominated and made it to the final round. Our opponents were 1056A and 1056B, the 2nd seeded alliance.

Suspense was thick and as Waiakea and Hilo’s robots traded blows. Waiakea took the first round partially due to connection issues on Hilo’s end, and won the second round by a mere five points. We may have walked away with second place, but we were proud to have made it so far and win five trophies during the process.

The awards that we’ve won include:

1. The Excellence Award

2. Programming Skills

3. Driver Skills

4. Tournament Finalist (1378)

5. Tournament Finalist (1378Z)

We’ve also received several invitations to Pan Pacific VEX Tournament. Our fourth freshman team will participate in that competition and hopefully win another slot for VEX Worlds. Congratulations to all the teams that participated, as everyone put up an excellent fight. Happy Holidays, everyone!