…And We’re Done!

These past six weeks have been both extremely fun, and extremely challenging.  The challenges we faced were tough, but easy to overcome when you have team members whose love for robotics is only paralleled by the amount of caffeine they consume.

The fun speaks for itself – we built a fully functional moving robot that shoots balls a good 40 feet, and consistently scores baskets.

Words can’t describe how proud we are of it, as well as our fellow team members.  HVR would like to extend it’s greatest appreciation and gratitude to all of the parents, advisors, mentors and sponsors for making this amazing build season possible for all of us.

Below is a video of Waiakea’s robot and us, working together to score some extra hoops.  Waiakea is in the back, HVR in the front, shooting for the 90′ goal.


Subaru Telescope
Big Island Built 
Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT)
Nordic PCL
Big Island Candies
Dominos Pizza