We are currently planning on doing an outreach and are looking for more schools interested in participating with us.


Outreach is a robotics program that Hilo Viking Robotics provides for elementary schools in Hilo. It is usually a 10 week after-school program (meeting one or two times a week). The program provides an opportunity for kids to learn the basics of engineering and technology through the application of robots. We use the NXT Lego Mindstorm to teach our program. It is both kid-friendly and very enjoyable for the children. An activity many of our past kids liked was building and programming a bot that moved in a maze. Not only does our outreach program teach the basics of engineering, but we also improve critical thinking and teamwork.


If you have any questions or comments about outreach for your school please email me at mevolous@gmail.com.



So, we are currently planning out the trip to Pan Pacific while doing our last minute touch ups to prepare us for the up comming competition. We have been doing well so far. In Kona we got 2nd place.

The Camp Eureka  of Fall 2011 was a blast and I would like to thank Matthew Takemoto for teaching the camp this season.

Camp Eureka: A Total Blast

This year’s LEGO Robotics summer camp came to a close on Friday June 10, 2011. In two weeks, our young teams of engineers built and programmed two robots of increasing complexity and were pitted against each other in a 1 on 1 sumo match up! It is our hope that all of the kids that we teach will enjoyed this program as much and we enjoyed teaching it.

Thank you to all of our mentors – Mr. Ryan Nakasato, Mr. Matt Wung and Ms. Brandie Saito for helping us make all of this possible. We’d especially like to thanks all of the parents who drove their kids to camp every day and support their love for robotics.

Stay tuned for lots of pictures from the camp, as well as announcements about our next camp – during either fall or winter break. Thanks, and see you again soon!