Budget and Expenses

Here is a general outline of our annual fundraising and spending:

We spend: 

  • About $13,000 for registration and travel to the FIRST Robotics Competition on Oahu.
  • About $3,000 in materials for constructing a FIRST robot.
  • About $3,000 for materials and registration in VEX robotics competitions.

We raise:

  • About $12,000 from Camp Eureka ($3,000 per camp, 4 camps a school year).
  • About $30,000 from grants, thanks to The Hilo High Foundation and The Rotary Club of Hilo Bay.

Keep in mind that these numbers are just estimates and we usually spend monies on additional materials, equipment, and travel, as well as raise funds from other small fundraisers. If you are interested in our plans for future monies and/or what we would like to accomplish, check out our Goals and Ambitions page!