East Hawaii FLL Tournament

We, Hilo Viking Robotics, would like to thank everyone who has participated in our First Lego League (FLL) competition, one that will be the predecessor of many more to come. This amazing event was organized by members of Hilo Viking Robotics alongside HELCO.  Our goal was to provide local FLL teams with the opportunity to experience the enriching technological atmosphere of robotics and to socialize with their peers. We have exceeded our set goals.  The FLL teams enjoyed the event immensely, learning and growing in ways that can only be nurtured through hands-on experience and a competitive environment.

That was not the day’s only success. In addition to giving the community an invaluable educational experience, we have also increased publicity for our robotics club. Our newest members were able to observe how events are organized and executed; they had the opportunity to see what robotics is all about: spreading knowledge of technology. There were barely any flaws within our planning for this tournament but there is always room to improve. Next year, we hope to have even more teams participate.