Camp Eureka: Fall 2015 – Curriculum

Please note that the following article is only relevant, but not limited, to the Fall 2015 Camp Eureka. Because the curriculum is always growing, the information present here is subject to change of more current camps (as dictated by the central Camp Eureka page). We’re sorry for any inconveniences caused by outdated material, thank you for understanding. 


Camp Eureka is Hilo Viking Robotics’ biggest outreach event and most profitable fundraiser(more info here and here). For this past Fall Camp, we had to expand on the ideas brought in previous camps to keep them fresh and exciting. To do this, Joel Paye (camp coordinator), has changed many things about the Camp Eureka formula which has seemed to come about in the past couple of years.16260186223_400badbba9_k

The theme of the Fall 2015 Camp is giving students choice as to how they go about learning. This heavily contrasts themes we’ve had in the past about space exploration or disaster prevention. These camps typically have a report or central game to match said motif. In those cases, by directly linking robotics to real life, students may easily see the value in learning about robotics whilst having fun.



In changing the system, we hope to push students towards seeing that robotics is something fun that can have many practical applications. The idea is that students will pick and choose from the many activities to be offered as opposed to linear lesson based teachings.

Here are some of the planned activities that enrolled students will be able to complete:

  • Robot Race: Robots drag race along a track in a test of speed and gear ratios.
  • Sumo Wrestling: wrestlers and their robots attempt to push one another outside the ring for victory


  • Tape Tangle: Students are tasked with navigating through a maze(or path) with their robots.


  • Draw My Thing: Robots hold a marker or other drawing tool and create a picture on a dry erase board.
  • CAD Your Robot: Use Computer Aided Design software to create models of current or potential robots(scrapped).
  • Construct a Tower: Students demonstrate engineering concepts by creating a tower out of straws.
  • Dungeon Programmer: Complete the introductory levels in Code Combat, an online programming teaching game.

Business Model

Due to these changes in camp style, our business model was reworked quite a bit. In prior camps, 2 sessions were offered for each robotics platform. This meant that for a student to participate in both classes, their tuition would be $350! Fall camp has compounded the 2 sessions into 1, making for a much easier payment of $175 for a higher quality experience. This means that our overall profit will most likely not be as great. :'(

Our aim is to provide a very rewarding experience for students first and to raise funds second. We do however ask for continued support of our club by attending future camps and donating whenever possible. Thank you.