FIRST Hawaii Regional!


This past week, HVR traveled to Oahu to compete in the 2015 FRC Hawaii Regional(March 26 – 28). Robots competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition were built during the six weeks from January 3rd to February 17th. On February 17th, the robot was bagged, put into a crate, and shipped to the competition site. In this case, the competition was at the Stan Sheriff Center at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The FIRST Hawaii Regional is known for being the most international competition aside from the world championship, having teams from outer islands, the mainlands, Australia, Mexico, China, Taiwan, and Japan.


This year, we decided to make our entire drive team consist of our freshmen members. We did this so that in the following years, we will have a much more skilled and experienced set of members. Although we did not perform extremely well in the matches, this FIRST season was a greater learning experience than ever before, especially for our underclassmen. Meeting robotics teams from all around the world is a truly amazing experience. Regardless of the performance at competition, talking to other teams; learning about their robots, how they approach the game, how they sustain their teams and how they address the mission of FIRST, has been a truly inspiring experience.  Next year, we hope to learn, improve, and return with a team and robot much stronger than ever before.


At the end of the competition our team placed 27th in rankings, and won the Judges award, demonstrating our continued outstanding impact on our community. We owe this honor and our experience this year to all of our dedicated sponsors and supporters.

Thank you for your continued support.