FIRST Kick Off

On January 3rd, 2015, thousands of robotics students, coaches, volunteers, and associated have gathered among their robotics communities to kickoff the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition Season. This year’s game is Recycle Rush.


Teams all around the world have different ways of having their kickoffs, whether it be getting straight to prototyping potential designs, or organizing their activities. For us at Team 1378, Hilo Viking Robotics, we thought it would be most important to first get a good understanding of the rules of the game by reviewing the game video and going over the different parts of the manual, getting all of our members to be as familiar with the game as possible. Once we highlighted the main ideas presented in the manual, so that all of our new members can at least locate where to find a piece of information they want.

After a while going over the manual, we had a short break for our potluck lunch. We then continued to go over some resources and plan out our six week build season. One of these resources is “Robot in 3 days”, a groups of professionals who go through a design process to make a working robot in just 3 days, showing a basic design of a functional robot that accomplishes all the basic tasks. We decided to discuss our final robot designs on Tuesday January 6th, when “Robot in three days” will finish their robot. Until then we will have no decisions on robot design. Another important resource that we must check on every day is “Chief Delphi”, the number one FRC discussion site.

Until we can get the best start after seeing what other teams have started, we will concentrate on making the absolute essentials; the game elements and field elements.