FRC 2014 – Week One

Week One:  January 4th – January 11th. Click here for week two.

This week marked the beginning of the 2014 FRC season. Starting with an overview of the game and group discussions, we’ve been constantly reiterating designs, performing calculations, and building prototypes.

This year, we’re putting heavy emphasis on CAD design prior to starting construction, to most efficiently build our robot.

We have also chosen to construct two robots, one for competition, and one for practice in the interim period between build season and competition, to maximize programming and practice time.

January 9th, 2014:

HVR’s programmers have managed to grasp the basics of LabVIEW, a visual programming platform. We have managed to format our mini-CRIO so that it is compatible with LabVIEW. Our newer members are building a “kit-bot”, which will provide the learning opportunity and experience for them to get started with FIRST Robotics.

Keep checking this page for constant updates throughout week one!



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