FRC 2014 – Week Two

Week Two: January 12th – January 19th.    Click here for week one.

There it is folks, week two has begun!

As of January 12th we have completed our drive-train CAD, and are in the process of computing and CADing the necessary components of our catapult and intake.

Meanwhile we have the newer members building the Andymark kit-bot and an intake prototype. We also have some members working on the preliminary electronics board design.

This week we will begin the outline of the chairman’s award submission, wish us luck!

January 13th, Day 10:

The kit-bot that our freshmen have been working on has been completed, along with the prototype intake that a few of our members have been producing. Our programmers have put together a test electronics board in order to test programming. Finally, our designers finished their 2D sketches of the final robot.

January 14th, Day 11:

Our designers are now working on CAD-ing their 2D sketch. This will allow for us to easily change the design any time we need to. Our programmers have continued to work on their LABView skills, now testing their programs on the temporary electronics board.

Here is another set of pictures that will be constantly updated this week, so stay tuned!


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