FRC Hawaii Regionals: Day 1

HVR has just arrived on Oahu to compete in the 2013 FIRST Regional.  Today is entirely practice rounds so that all the teams will be able to operate at their full potential tomorrow, when the qualifying rounds start.  Those teams who are in the top eight at the end of the qualifying matches will be seeded, and will pick another two teams to be allied with them.  Together, they will fight their way though the ladder in hopes of winning the tournament.

This year, teams from all over the world have come to participate in one of the most intense robotics tournament in the world. Other than the local teams, ones from Mainland United States, Australia, and Taiwan have brought their product of brainpower and hard work. What’s amazing about the FIRST competition is not only the robots themselves, but also everything else. Teams express their team spirit through human-sized mascots, numerous posters, countless banners, and most of all, the spirited, energetic, loud cheers from the teammates and alliance partners.

Please come and join us at the Stan Sheriff Center this Friday and Saturday to experience the energy of robotics and witness the ability of our passionate youths.

We’ll be keeping you all updated through our website and Twitter at @Team1378. You can watch the game live at

Mahalo for all of your support!