“Full steam ahead!”

Steamworks is the name of this year’s game so bring out your inner steampunk! The game has new scoring objects, field configurations, and one of the most exciting things about this game, human players! The two alliances are set on a 27′ by 54′ 4″ field with the goal to be the most prepared airship to take off!

Matches start with a 15 second autonomous period in which robots run only off program. Drivers assume control of their robots immediately after looking to: collecting fuel to create steam pressure, installing gears, and climbing up a rope to board their airship.

In this game, there are two robot volumes that are permitted. These are the maximum dimensions the robot can be in. The first is 36 in. by 40 in. by 24 in. tall and the second is 30 in. by 32 in. by 36 in. tall.

Game Reveal