Hawaii FRC Regional 2012 – The Judges Award!

This past weekend
, our club participated in one of the most prestigious and exciting robotics competitions in the world – the First Robotics Competition (FRC).  Held in the giant Stan Sheriff Stadium at UH Manoa, this was no small event.

Teams from New Orleans, Texas, neighboring islands and even one from as far away as Taiwan were all at the competition, cheering for their fellow teammates.  We had a bit of a rocky start at the competition because of issues with the competition field as well as our robot, but after the first two matches, we were scoring points as fast as an actual basketball player.

After the qualification matches, we ended up with a score of 7 wins, 4 losses and 1 tie.  In the alliance selection, we were picked by the 6th ranked team, the Golden Hawks from Nanakuli, along with the Kauaibots from Kauai.  Together, we defeated the 3rd ranked team once.  Our alliance lost in the third round, but proved ourselves by being the only lower-ranked team to beat a higher ranked team once.

We were also awarded the prestigious Judges Award, which was awarded to a deserving team that didn’t fit any of the other categories.  In this case, the judges recognized our club’s vision and aspirations, which all of our members stand firmly behind.

We, Team 1378 walked away from this competition with now just an amazing award, but a spark of excitement for things to come, all thanks to the many people who helped us get here.  No words can express how grateful we are to every single one of you – the parents, mentors, teachers and sponsors who, to quote our president “allowed flight #1378 to leave the runway and finally start to fly.”  Slideshow coming soon!