June and July 2017 Camp Eureka Registration is OPEN!

Registration for our June 2017 Camp Eureka is OPEN!

This summer, Hilo Viking Robotics will be holding two Camp Eurekas, with an early summer camp June 5th-9th and a late summer camp July 10th-14th


There will be two sessions with Vex IQ, both of which are open all kids ages 7-12.  Although the games will be different in each session, both will focus on the how to build and program a robot with Vex IQ, experimenting with different lifts, drive trains, and gear ratios:

  • In the morning, from 8am-12pm, there will be a game similar to Capture the Flag!  Robots will be tasked to build fortification walls to protect their ‘flag’ and work in robot teams to continue protecting their ‘flag’ whilst trying to get the opposing team’s ‘flag.’  Students will be working on this game throughout the week, improving their robots through the engineering process!
  • In the afternoon, from 1 pm-5pm, the game will be a modified version of the 2016 Vex IQ game, Bankshot, similar to basketball!  Students will need to build robots that can score balls in a goal, gaining more points the further away from the goal they score.


Like the June Camp, this Camp will have two VEX IQ sessions. The morning session is open to both beginners and advanced students, ages 7-12. In the afternoon there will be an advanced VEX IQ programming camp which is open to students ages 8-13.

Morning (8 to 12 pm):

Students will work to complete various challenges throughout the week, culminating in a final game! They will learn about basic robotics parts, structure, and programming VEX IQ.

Afternoon (1 to 5 pm):

The advanced VEX IQ Camp is the next step in a student’s robotics education. In this session we will be integrating sensors in our robots to complete challenges like autonomous color block sorting and creating pipeline explorers! Because of the increased difficulty of the programming aspect of this camp, we have a few requirements** for registrants:

1. Previous experience with VEX IQ modkit

2. At least 8 years of age

3. Previous experience with VEX IQ (e.g. attended a previous VEX IQ Camp, participated in a VEX IQ school program, experience with VEX IQ at home, etc.)

**Please note that we may accept exceptions on a case to case basis.


During both Camps, sessions will be held at a classroom on Hilo High School campus. Tuition is $175 per student for each session.

To register, please either:

Print and fill out the June registration form available here, or the July registration available here. Mail, scan, drop off at the Hilo High School office, or come to camp with the form and tuition enclosed in an envelope.
Fill out the form online on Google Forms, available here for June, and here for July!  Mail, drop off, or come to camp with tuition enclosed in an envelope.

Thank you for reading! To keep updated and for more information about Camp Eureka, check our website!