Keaau VEX State Championship

This year the Hawaii VEX State Championship was held here, on the Big Island of Hawaii at Kea’au High School! 38 of the best teams from around the state participated in the competition, including two HVR teams, 1378B and 1378X.  Team 1378B started out the day strong, the 1st ranked team for the first three rounds of the qualifications matches.  They were able to make it to quarter-finals in an alliance with 3880S from Kealakehe and 4208B from Kamehameha!  1378X won the teamwork award for effective communication, building, and programming between all members of the team!  In addition, our beloved mentor Matthew Wung was nominated as the Hawaii State Vex Mentor of the Year!  Thank you for all you have done for us, Matt.  This was an awesome Vex season, and we look forward to the new game later this year.  Best wishes to Pearl City, Wailua, Kohala, Mililani in worlds!