Meeting with Osaka Senri High School

Osaka, the home of delicious Kitsune Udon. Seriously though, food will never taste the same after eating it. The bean curd really compliments the vegetables and noodles. This week, students from Osaka Senri came to our birthplace. What do we do? Introduce them to Robotics.

On December 4th, HVR met with several Osaka Senri representatives and students. Since they were interested in Robotics, we introduced them to several aspects of VEX so that they may start a Robotics team at their school. It was a great night- Fun and educational for everyone. Not only that, but the sharing of culture that night was an incredible. The energetic aura of the meeting had created a memorable experience for everyone. We wish to have similar encounters with many other schools in the future. Hopefully, we will see some of them next year at VEX Worlds.