Member Database: Freshmen


Kenneth 'Kenny' Heikes:

Kenny is our Underclassmen Representative. He joined HVR to pursue his interest in engineering. He hopes to gain knowledge and experience in the engineering field.

When Kenny isn't working with robots, he's with our school's orchestra playing the violin. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games. He says "What does anyone else do in this club in their free time?"


Sonja Giardina:

Sonja joined HVR due to her joy of robotics and the ability to continue from elementary school. She was interested in learning about complex building concepts as well as programming. Another reason she was drawn into HVR is through her brother Dylan Giardina, a club alumni who was able to achieve much success through his involvement with HVR. Sonja is currently a builder on the freshman VEX team. She hopes to learn more about programming and becoming one of the club’s main programmers. She is also a coordinator for our upcoming 2016 Winter Camp Eureka.

During her time outside of education, Sonja enjoys doing Aikido and dance. She is also a trumpet in our school’s band. Some of her other hobbies include reading, drawing, going to the beach, hanging out with her friends and family. She looks forward to the challenges that robotics has to offer, meeting many new people, and contributing to the organization of future outreach events.


John Kenny:

John joined HVR September of this year to pursue some of his interests such as programming. He would like to help with our social media pages sometime soon.

When John isn't representing our school in robotics, he is representing our school in soccer. Like most of our members, John enjoys playing video games with his friends including the ones he made in robotics!


Tyler Ragasa:

Tyler joined because of his interest in engineering, robots, and making new friends. He would like to about all aspects of robotics but mainly building and driving.

When Tyler is not enjoying the atmosphere of robotics, he is enjoying his time dancing, art-ing, gaming, and most of all, sleeping!


Corbin Warmbier:

Corbin joined HVR at the suggestion of his fellow freshmen friends, his prior knowledge about robots, and the ability to continue from elementary school like Sonja. He is one of the main builders on our freshmen VEX team and does most of the wiring. He would like to learn how to program and gain experiences you would only have in this club.

When Corbin is not busy with school and robotics, he represents our school on the soccer and cross country team. He enjoys playing video games especially with our fellow members.


Koryn Castaneda:

Koryn joined HVR this year at the suggestion of a friend. She plans to manage our social media as well as gain new skills and experiences.

Not only does Koryn represent our school in Hilo Viking Robotics but also as a member in Leo Club as well as her class secretary. She enjoys hanging out with friends, music, taking aesthetic photos, and eating lots of candy!

Zoe Bio Pic

Zoe Uhr:

Zoe joined HVR at the suggestion of her fellow freshmen friends as well as her interest to learn anything she can within this club. Zoe is one of the builders on our freshmen VEX team.

Other school functions Zoe participates in are the cross country team and plays trumpet for the band. Outside of school, Zoe enjoys drawing, reading, and social media.


Thomas Kobayashi:

Thomas joined HVR at the suggestion of a friend. He is a jack of some trades and does whatever he is told to do. He hopes to gain the experience of working with robots.

When Thomas isn't with HVR he is representing our school in the band. He plays tenor saxophone and enjoys reading.


Koa Kim:

Koa joined HVR is August of this year to continue building robots since his school does not have a robotics team. He is a builder on our freshmen VEX team and would like to learn more about VEX building and programming.

In Koa's free time, he makes and searches for the "dank memes".

Picture coming soon!

Xavier Stasckow:

Coming soon!