Member Database: Juniors


Ara Uhr:

Ara is president of HVR!  She joined in her freshman year to hone new skills. Her accomplishments include holding an admin position in only her second year and coordinating the Winter 2015 Camp Eureka (which happened to have made the most money out of any of our previous camps!) She always does her best to make sure our club is constantly improving.

Being in Hilo Viking Robotics has opened her eyes as to what a high school student can achieve. It has inspired her to reach out of her comfort zone and achieve things that she wouldn't have attempted to do before joining the club. In her free time, Ara enjoys drawing, sketching, and reading. Her advice to others is to "take initiative to create the vision you have in mind, be brave and talk to the other people you meet at competitions, do not procrastinate on completing important assignments, think creatively, speak your mind, don't waste your time on video games, keep a positive can-do attitude, and be a team player."


Caleb Rogers:

Caleb is treasurer of HVR!  He joined when he was a freshman with the intent to prepare for a future career in engineering. Our club has impacted his life by giving him a place to call home...away from home. He enjoys the club's sense of family, and the motivation and preparation it gives him for engineering.

Through the club, Caleb has improved his skills on programming, engineering principles, leadership, taking initiative, and public speaking. His advice to others is to "get involved. You'll never have fun in HVR if you don't try to do anything. Once you find something you like, stick to it."


Dustin De Reis:

Dustin joined Hilo Viking Robotics in 2014 because of a longstanding fascination with robots and technology.

Because of his time in our club, Dustin discovered what he wanted to do with his life. He enjoys the club itself, especially in its freedom of being student driven. In his free time, Dustin enjoys fishing, hunting, and PC gaming. His advice to others is to "learn programming."


Dennis Palad:

Dennis is vice president of internal affairs for HVR!  From the beginning, he knew that robotics would give him a good time. He joined us last year to do just that. This past season, Dennis led a team for VEX. He participates in outreach, and is even working with a few biologists to learn more about an endangered bird.

Robotics has provided Dennis with a place to make new friends. He loves having fun working with everyone. When he's not here to help keep us motivated and on task, he enjoys playing video games. His advice to others is to "enjoy what you do at this club, and take it seriously."


Skyler Spain:

Our secretary and general odd-jobs member, Skyler joined to fill an afterschool time slot and fulfill his interest in programming and electrical engineering.  One other reason is because he "thought robotics looked cool."

Joining Hilo Viking Robotics has motivated Skyler to "get his stuff together." He enjoys going to competitions (especially those for FIRST), having a place to learn and practice new skills, and the friends he has made in the club. In his time here, he has learned more about CADing, wiring, and programming. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games, watching TV, and reading books.


Steve Hinders:

Steve was shown the light when a member of HVR took him to one of our workshops. He joined because "he thought it was a good opportunity to learn all these things about engineering and technology."

Hilo Viking Robotics has changed the way Steve looks at everything. Because we need to be precise with our measurements, he now pays  more attention to finer details. While at robotics, he enjoys providing us with ideas and support for our build team. In his free time, Steve likes to play video games, read, and participate in sports. His advice to others is to "take initiative and get the job done."


Kailee Kurokawa:

Kailee joined our team in 2016 in order to get involved in more school activities and show her "Viking Pride". She hopes to establish stronger relationships with the feeder schools coming into Hilo High School and helping to create stronger Camp Eureka's that are fun and enjoyable for the kids.  While in robotics she hopes to gain experience in the field and continue to grow her interest and motivation.  

When she's not at school, Kailee spends most of her time playing volleyball along with being an active member in Key Club, National Honors Society, Math League, and the Future Health Professionals Club.  She is also the Class of 2018's Treasurer and Graduation Coordinator and is passionate about her partnership with Special Olympics and Project UNIFY.


Kimokeo Bowden:

Coming soon!


Brandon Leasure:

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