Member Database: Sophomores


Elizabeth "Lizzy" Atkinson:

Elizabeth joined our club in October 2015 at the suggestion of a friend.

A hard worker, Elizabeth helped our team out by contributing to our build team for VEX last season. Her most memorable moment so far from Hilo Viking Robotics is attending her first VEX competition! Because of our club, she has the opportunity to learn some new skills.  In her free time, she likes to draw, swim, and play the piano. Her advice to others is to "try new things, because you never know if you will enjoy doing it."

Emily Bio Pic

Emily Kerr:

Emily joined us in December 2015 to help with Camp Eureka mentoring and organization.

Being in Hilo Viking Robotics has helped Emily to learn about a lot of new things, and make many friends. In addition to being a mentor at Camp Eureka, she also helps to organize our space at school. Emily is one of our managers of our Instagram as well as one of our main photographers. Emily is one of our 2016-2017 Winter Camp Eureka coordinators. She is a member of the school swim team and enjoys drawing and swimming in her spare time. 


Milan Ragasa:

Milan joined HVR at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year at the suggestions of her friends. 

In her time at our club, Milan has learned about CADing, programming, and engineering principles, and she hopes to learn a lot more in the time to come. She is one of our managers of the HVR Instagram. She plans to be a builder this up and coming FIRST season. In her free time, she dances at a local studio and does Kempo Karate. She is a flute in our school's band and secretary of her class. She enjoys reading, music, and trying new things especially when it comes to food.

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Ina Klasner

Ina joined HVR at the beginning of her freshman year, fall 2015.  At first, she learned basic building and programming, but soon discovered the wide expanse of robotics-related skills.

Now the webmaster, manager of the club's Facebook and Twitter accounts and blog, writer of engineering notebooks, occasional coordinator of Camp Eurekas, and the doer of a variety of other random things, Ina has found her interest in many additional aspects of robotics and STEM.  She looks forward to gaining more skills in the upcoming FIRST season!  But on her free time, Ina stresses over her classes, plays cello, piano, and bass, and pursues her science fair project in the lab.