Nä Pua No’eau VEX IQ Workshop

On January 8th, 2015, HVR was fortunate to be able to partner with the Nä Pua No’eau program at UH Hilo to deliver a VEX IQ robotics workshop to a class of talented native Hawaiian children.

At the workshop we first introduced ourselves and got to know one another, asking each student and HVR member their name, school/grade, and their favorite hobby. We then showed them what kind of robots we make by demonstrating our VEX robots. Their reactions were priceless!

We then proceeded with our VEX IQ workshop. With only about 3 hours, the students were challenged to build a robot to play a game we created. The students were separated into four teams of three students, each team working with two of our mentors. This batch of students showed that they were indeed, talented. Most teams coordinated with one another to build different parts of their robot to increase productivity. Some of the teams finished fast enough to redesign their robots and get plenty of  practice.

At the end of our workshop the teams – Godzilla, Majic Motor, Rocken Bots, and Burger King – played against one another in a double elimination tournament. The winners, team Godzilla won a prize of a magnetic refrigerator robot and a “Magic Mud” sample.

Overall it was a fun workshop, the kids were very enthusiastic and fun to work with. We do these events to spread robotics throughout our community, and encourage students to pursue robotics throughout their education, whether they join our own team, or start their own.

Hilo Viking Robotics is always looking for opportunities to teach youth communities about robotics. If you know of of one, please contact us at hilovikingrobotics@gmail.com.