Pan Pacific Competition 2016


Pan Pacific

Vex Pan Pacific Competition is a colossal, international, high level Vex Robotics competition. This year’s Pan Pacific Competition is the first one since the Vex Season of 2012-2013. Kamehemeha Schools, Kapalama campus was proud to host the first Pan Pacific since then. The event was a three day competition during October 7th until October 9th of 2016. Unlike many other Vex Competitions, Pan Pacific was on a large enough scale to accommodate for 49 Teams. Pan Pacific Competition is run the same as other Vex Robotics Competitions, each team will first participate in qualifying matches. Qualifying matches mainly determine and display the capabilities of each team. All teams will participate in the same amount of qualifying matches. After qualifying matches are the elimination matches. The elimination Matches are closer to an actual competition bracket, containing 8 alliances. the alliance composition is up to each alliance’s team leader. In an alliance the leading team is part of the top eight teams, and an alliance consists of 3 teams. Picking occurs between qualifications and eliminations. The top team picks first and goes down the list accordingly. Once the 8th alliance is done with their first pick it goes back to the 1st alliance to pick their second pick and goes down the list again accordingly.

Hilo Viking Robotics participated under Team 1378X. This team is one of the more veteran teams of Hilo Viking Robotics. All information of the team’s process and design can be found here.

2016 Competition

Day One

Match Preparation

Friday, October 7th, 2016, is the preparation day for the qualification matches. Before the competition and match preperation HVR had ro take a plane from Hilo to Honolulu. With the remaining time in the day Hilo Viking Robotics took this time to finish up and finalize some aspects of the robot, mainly the claw. Besides the usual working and development, Hilo VIking Robotics did also focus on scouting of the other teams. However, not many other teams came to the first day of the Pan Pacific Competition as it is a preparation day. Overall this day was great for understanding our competition and judging how well we will be doing.

Day Two

Qualification Matches

Saturday October 8th, 2016, is the first day of qualification matches. Hilo Viking Robotics started out in a very close game, winning by a point. We clearly saw this as something that should not be happening and be improved upon. With the amazing driving skills of Joshua Wilson, not much of it helped as this match there had seemed to be a lack obedience between him and his coach Dennis Palad. As soon as the team got back to the pits this was discussed and the plan was to listen more from the coach or have more awareness for the surroundings. In our next match this proved to help a lot, going 56 to 3. In the next couple of matches 1378X had many issues dealing with higher level teams, including 1973A and 4109. These matches inspired small changes in design including intake hooks and the adding of 2 motors to the drive. After these matches were a couple more matches that show that these changes did something. These 2 matches are the last 2 of the day, 1378X won both with outstanding scores , 69 to 21 and 33 to 4. Alongside all of the hard work of the drive team, a lot of effort was also given by scouts Silas Pelkey, Caleb Rogers, and Kenneth Heikes. Caleb and Kenny worked together to match scout all matches for that day. The put a lot of effort into providing information about every team. At the end of the day 1378X was the 10th ranking team, so the scouting and information gained from scouting proves to be very crucial. The team also discussed about what will be happening for the final day of the Pan Pacific Competition. Team 1378X has 4 remaining qualification matches to play. As we referenced previous scores of opposing teams and scouting sheets we see that there will be no issue with 3 of the 4 matches. The one issue would be the match against 44442X, which was the 3rd highest ranking alliance. The plan besides developing the robot would be to complete driver skills and programming skills.

Day Three

Qualification Matches Continued

Sunday, October 9th, 2016, is the final day of qualification matches and also the one and only day of elimination matches. With the plan set the day before it was clear what 1378X needed to do. with all of the preparation, our first match of the day shows preparedness, 38 to 7.  Right after this match the team split up to do driver skills and start to develop program for programming skills. Taking two attempts at driver skills we ended with 17 points, a little bit of testing was done on robot for programming skill but then we needed to queue up for our next match. During this match we were having issues with newly charged batteries not working and the robot stalling, the result of this match was a loss. However, it was very close, 19 to 20. The next match would be the match that intimidated us a lot, the match against 44442X. Throughout that match we still managed to have issues with the battery despite the fact that we did as much as we could to solve a loose connection. One thing that did work in our favor is that 44442X did tip over, but again we were unable to do anything. We continued to try to solve this issue, but with no luck. We had to resort to borrowing a power expander from 2460. While this issue was being fixed a program for programming skills was being developed. Last match of qualifications, we started out strong, as the match progressed the motors started to stall. We won the match but could have done better. Team 1378X still does not quite have an understanding as to how and why the battery was not working. With more refinements of movements in programming skills, we had only a few minutes to attempt at programming skills. An unknown issue resulted in no programming skills at all.

Alliance Selection

After all qualification matches Alliance selection occurs. At the end of qualifications the first rank team was 1973A, second was 4142A, third was 359A, fourth was 44442X, fifth was 7700%, sixth was 394, seventh was 4109, and eighth was 7835B. After alliance picking the eight alliances were;  1973A, 359A, & 813A (end of first alliance), 4142A, 7700R, & 2932 (end of second alliance), 44442X, 2460, & 1378X (end of third alliance), 394, 2590A, & 2932B (end of fourth alliance), 4109, 224, & 63103A (end of fifth alliance), 7825B, 2441, & 7835A (end of sixth alliance), 4194C, 1037A, & 3008A (end of seventh alliance), and 97628B, 96728A, & 4194J (end of eight alliance).

Elimination Matches

All of the quarter finals were in favor of one alliance. usually the higher ranking team worn. There was a team that proved otherwise, the fifth alliance. Their results show that they were able to take over as the better team. Once it came to semi finals it was clear that the first and second alliances will be headed to the finals, this is where we were eliminated. during the match that we participated in we continued to have issues about the stalling motors and dead batteries. In the finals matches it was clear that the second alliance was in a tier of their own.

As a team Pan Pacific will help us to understand more of the capabilities of others. It also gave us the opportunity to become closer to Kohala’s High School Robotics team. This competition gabe us a lot more insight on the efficient designs for Vex Starstruck 2016.

More information about the results and statistics during the Pan Pacific Competition can be found here. Thank you for taking your time to read!!!