Pre-Competition Update

Tomorrow is the last part of the Big Island VEX League. We will be traveling towards Waiakea High School to try and win a third place to VEX worlds for our 1378B robot. Our highest current team (1378A) is at rank 2. We have been making improvements and changes on our robots for the last 2 weeks and its time to put it to the test. We’ve revamped the design of the 1378Z robot and improved the intake of 1378A and 1378B. Sadly, our drivers did not have as much practice as we would have preferred. We have done around 3 scrimmage rounds total. Lastly, several new autonomous programs were created in order to be more effective.

For all of you going to the competition tomorrow, HVR would like to wish you good luck. And to all our readers, have a safe and Happy Holidays.