Mahalo to all of our sponsors!

Legendary Sponsors

($5,000 and up)

The Hilo High School Foundation has supported us with $24,600 and a place of operations.

Subaru has donated countless equipment and printing services to our club as well as invaluable mentorship.

The Rotary Club of Hilo Bay has supported us with ~$1,000 grant, multiple smaller donations, and demonstration opportunities.

McDonalds of Hawaii gives many FIRST teams around the island ~$1,000 each year as well as demonstration opportunities.

Islandwide Appraisers LLC has graciously donated ~$3,000 in addition to two desktop computers.

Master Sponsors

($1,000 - $4,999)

Ekocycle graciously granted us an environmentally friendly 3D printer.

NASA provides teams all around the US with grant opportunities and FIRST resources.

Grand Sponsors

($200 - $999)

Hawaii Con hosts us annually at their event, and has donated over $400!

Solidworks graciously donated ~$800 worth of keys (20) for their Computer Aided Design software.

Team Sponsors

($199 and under)

Home Depot graciously donated coupons for ~$40 off their products.

In addition to these sponsors,

Thank you to the various families for supporting HVR!