Stronghold Build Blog: Week Five

This is our Stronghold Build Blog for week 5 of the build season! If you missed previous weeks, here’s weeks one, two three, and four. Week five consists of days 27 to 31.

Day 27 [2/8/16]:

On this day, builders were working to prepare the chassis for the final robot. The prototyping sub team also continued work on a scissor lift in order to hang on the tower. The base of the scissor lift is pushed into one another by the force of 2 pneumatic pistons. The programming & wiring team worked on reading sensors, getting a touch sensor, gyro, and accelerometer wired and programmed. We also got our portcullis finished! It still needs to be properly weighted though…

Day 28 [2/9/16]:

Today, the chassis started coming together. After some difficulties with getting the mount for the shooter the right length, our machinist and mentor, Malcolm, returned the chassis. We got the 8″ pneumatic wheels assembled and got a 3 motor ball shifter mounted onto the middle of the drive train. The prototyping team tested out the robots ability to pull itself up with a winch and pulley. It worked well, meaning that if that system were to work in conjunction with the prototypes scissor lift, we could theoretically hang. The programming team worked on getting an Ethernet direct camera to work (rather than the roboRIO USB cameras). Currently, the Ethernet direct camera can be mounted to the robot a lot better than the USB cameras that we have. They may also easily be used with the light ring for vision tracking scripts. Last but not least, the CAD team was hard at work designing what will become reinforcements for the shooter. Bonus: a 3D printed One Punch Man first planned to be used to hit the balls into the flywheels.

Day 29 [2/10/16]:

Today, the programming team was able to make Axis M1013 camera function, this proved to be a lot better than our previous camera. After that they were able to do a bit of vision tracking. People from a variety of teams worked together to plan out the electronics board for the final robot. Spacing was a major problem here, the compressor and air tanks had not much space to be put. The fabrication team was able to discuss about the final hanger design. They were also able to fabricate the shooter for the final robot.

Day 30 [2/11/16]:

Today, major advances were made. The Programming team was able to almost complete the basic program for the final robot in LabVIEW. A vision tracking prototype was made, this is a flat piece of wood that replicates the shape of the reflective tape on the actual tower of stronghold. The fabrication team was able to finish building the pieces for the shooter. The CAD team worked on the CAD for the robot’s shooter.

Day 31 [2/13/16]:

Today, our team made little progress. The CAD team was able to continue on working the design for the shooter. They also started on making the machine drawings. The fabrication team was able to continue to make progress on the shooter. Joel made the electronics board in which the talon SR will be  placed onto the final robot. He was also able to CAD out the trapezoid shaped electronics board.

Weekly Conclusion

This week the team made a lot of major adjustments towards the final robot.

Major Accomplishments

  • The chassis was built by our mentor Malcolm
  • The fabrication team put the 8″ pneumatics wheels onto the robot
  • The pieces for the final shooter were constructed
  • The programming team was able to start and almost finish the final program
  • A vision tracking project has been started by the programming team
  • The CAD team has made a CAD for the chassis and shooter
  • Electronics on the robot has began, the electronic boards were cut and put onto the robot.
  • A goal to finish the final robot on Sunday February 14th was introduced
Thank you so much for reading! Week Six of the Build Blog can be found here.