Stronghold Build Blog: Week Four


Here’s the fourth week of the Stronghold build blog! If you missed week one, you can find that here, week two can be found here, and week three can be found here. In this post, updates will be added daily as we continue throughout Week Four (2/1 through 2/7). Currently, this post contains Days 21 to Day 26.

Day 21 [2/1/16]:

The team was able to make amazing progress. The programming team attempted to make the encoders work in Python, as this did not go to good they then decided to flash/ image the kit-bot so that it can now be programmed in LabView. The CAD team was able to finalize the drawing of the chassis. A brainstorming discussion on passing through the Sally Port, portcullis, and drawbridge. With this discussion the prototyping team was able to modify the hanger to use pneumatics instead of para-cord. The kit-bot was modified to function best with the current program.

Day 22 [2/2/16]:

On this wonderful day, the team was able to continue discussing on the design of the kit-bot, and if it is able to pass through the Sally Port, portcullis, and drawbridge. The design of the robot’s intake was modified a little so that intaking the ball is easy and a possibility. The programming team was able to troubleshoot the various problems that occurred in the robot. A major problem that was resolved was the robots shooter was stalling, this issue was due to the RoboRio constantly receiving a zero and one input. They still were not able to get the pneumatics to work correctly. The shooter was wired in a more proper and safe way. Part of the team also went to working on the FIRST awards. The Woodie Flowers award was worked on by Ara, Hua, and Joel. The Chairman’s award was worked on by Silas and Yuma.

Day 23 [2/3/16]:

Today, the team completed a variety of tasks. The programming team was able to make a few adjustments to the kit-bot’s program. The shooter’s problem of stalling was fixed and the speed of the intake was reduced. They were also able to determine why the solenoids were not working, the solenoids did not completely work. Only one of the two solenoids seemed to function, they presume that this was due to a non-programming related reason. The Chairman’s award video was completed, as well as the Woodie Flowers award submission. The prototyping team has begun building the drive-train for the final robot, this includes the robot drive and the pneumatics wheels.

Day 24 [2/4/16]:

Today, all of the team worked together on the final robot’s chassis. They were able to make and cut pieces for the chassis base, The pneumatics wheels were once again pumped. Our goal for the end of this week is to finish the final robot. so far the team is behind. The build team was only able to start on the chassis.

Day 25 [2/5/16]:

Today, advancements were made in programming and building. The prototyping team’s Caleb was able to make the hanger into a scissor lift. Josh was able to fix the arm for the shooter so that it does not hit the wires on the electronics board. The programming was able to fixe the robots program, they made it do all of its functions correctly.

Day 26 [2/6/16]:

Today, many changes and progress was made. The prototyping team was able to test and make changes to the hanger. On the programming team the members spit into sub teams of Python and LabVIEW. On the Python team is Jackson and Joel, and on the LabView team is Gabriel, Dennis, and Joel. The Python team figured out how to return variables in robotpy as well as understand the specific problem related to the using smart dashboard with the pynetworktables. The LabView team was able to set up the sensors on the robot and programmed it. They were able to set up the gyro and accelerometer.

Weekly Conclusions:

This week the team was obviously behind in a lot of things.

Major Accomplishments:

  • The programming team made a fully functioning program in LabVIEW
  • The Python sub team was able to further understand robotpy
  • The prototyping team was able adjust the hanger and make it a scissor lift
  • The CAD team made progress on finishing the basic CAD for the final robot
  • The portcullis and drawbridge defences were finished
  • Overall the team is falling behind on goals, the final robot was planned to be finished on Saturday 2/6/16

We really appreciate your effort in reading! Thank you! Week Five can be found here.