Stronghold Build Blog: Week Three

Here’s the third week of the Stronghold build blog! If you missed week one, you can find that here, and week two can be found here. In this post, updates will be added daily as we continue throughout Week Three (1/25 through 1/30). Currently, this post contains Days 13 through Day 15.

Day 13 [1/25/16]:

Here’s a quick recap for the first day of week three!

Prototyping/Fabrication team: Worked on making the Cheval de Frise defense out of wood and pvc pipe.

CAD team: Here is a quote from Hua, the head of the CAD team: “I just worked on the CAD to find a better way to mount the Mini CIM+Gearbox for the shooter-intake. I tried making a new gusset, but it didn’t come out as nicely. Then there was more confusion on how much to compress the ball. I believe we are going for 2 inches of compression, for the ball being compressed to 8 inches.”

Programming team: Here’s another quote from Joel, the head of the programming team: “The programming team worked as a whole to get the previously pneumatic and encoder parts of yesterday’s code to work. At first the encoder was not being read on the Teleop VI. Sorting out wiring issues with the orientation of the female plugs had solved this problem. Next, the team moved onto getting pneumatics to control properly. After examining some online examples, we were able to [find out] how to wire the Solenoid Set module in Labview.”

Day 14 [1/26/16]:

Today was a momentous occasion for the programmer team as Jackson, a member of the programming team, flashed the roboRIO on this year’s kit bot to be compatible with Python code! Becoming proficient in a variety of programming languages was a major focal point for the programming team this year. We decided to start with the most understandable and easy to explain platform, Labview, and make our way through Python, Java, and C++. As we’ve been programming in Labview for the past few weeks, we were finally ready to move on today. The CAD team was also hard at work today as Hua Uehara and Ara Uhr worked together to create the model for the pneumatic wheel drive train. They plan to continue the model by adding a flywheel shooter along with its life.

Day 15 [1/27/16]:

Things are progressing smoothly today as the CAD team worked on implementing a 4-bar lift which will adjust the angle of our flywheel shooter. Programmers continued working in Python to program the robot, successfully orienting the control scheme to a Logitech controller. The prototype team continued work on the hanging device, which is planned to be powered with a winch and pulley. Kenji has also been hard at work crafting the various defenses of the game. Because of his hard work, the Cheval de Frise was completed!

Day 18 [1/28/16]:

On this wonderful evening, Joel worked with the programming team to format the robot’s drive for our Logitech controller. As a result, they learned that the “getRawAxis” function of the joystick class is “a lot more reliable than getting axes by name.” In addition, the programming team also began to work on the pneumatics and compressor in Python.

In other news, today Caleb improved and finished our prototype hanger!

Many people in the team were interviewed for our Chairman’s video, and we all discussed robot and pit designs.

Day 19 [1/29/16]

We made amazing progress on the prototyping and fabrication of our robot. We were able to attach the prototype shooter to the kit bot’s chassis. On the programming team, Jackson was able to add pneumatics and a compressor to the Python program. The electronics team was able to help set up the pneumatics for the program. The programming team was also able to make a program for the shooter, however, this has not been tested yet. Hua was able to work on CADing the chassis of the robot, and he was also able to get Ara involved with the CAD.

A majority of the team worked on setting up the resources needed for Onizuka Day and Kickball Tournament. A group of people from various categories worked on building Vex IQ robots.

Day 20 [1/30/16]

Today the team was able to reflect on the kit bot’s progress this week. The prototyping team was able to make progress in developing the hanger. Ara continued working on the CAD for the robot’s chassis.

Weekly Conclusion

This week ended on high note. Most of the progress was made towards the end of the week.

Major Accomplishments made this week

  • The programming team was able to make a program for the robot in Python.
  • The pneumatics were fixed properly onto the robot.
  • The prototyping team was able to make some progress on the hanger, and they were able to mount the shooter onto the robot.
  • The chival de frise was completed and advancement was made on the portcullis.
  • The CADing team made a new sketch for a robot with the pneumatics wheels, and a sketch of the hanger.

Thank you for reading! Here is a link to Build Blog week four. It contains days 21-26