Stronghold Build Blog: Week Two

Here’s the second week of the Stronghold build blog! If you missed week one, you can find that here. In this post, updates will be added daily as we continue throughout Week Two (1/18 through 1/23). Currently, this post contains Day 07 through Day 12.

Day 07 [1/18/16]:

Today was the first day of week two and another work day for all the sub-teams. The CAD team continued to work towards the deadline set for this Wednesday [1/20/16] for the final design of the robot. Hua and Ara have been hard at work developing a model for both an 8″ pneumatic wheel drive and the popular Rhino Tank Treads drive. The prototype team has also been working on the their tension based hanging mechanism. The programming team also gained experience playing with joystick axes in Labview. Members not directly working with FIRST have been working on the website as well! Overall, the progress this build season has been extremely satisfactory.

Day 08 [1/19/16]:

This work session, programmers got a lot of time to experiment with controls. Despite playing with them over the past week, the level of understanding for how Labview went about establishing controls was low. We soon figured out that joystick inputs mirrored that of the driver station mapping. In addition, programmers also discovered that flipping an axis on the joystick (like the Y or X) was as simple as multiplying the wire leading into the drive preset by a -1 constant. Aside from programming, the CAD and Design team further discussed addition options for the drive with smaller wheels seriously being considered as a possibility. The prototype team also worked towards attaching the hanger mechanism onto an old chassis as well as refining the decided shooter for boulders.

Day 09 [1/20/16]:

Today was the usual hustle for the programming, prototyping, and CADing team as the 8″ pneumatic wheel and Rhino tank tread models were due today. The prototyping team worked on how the prototype of the hanging system would be implemented onto the real robot. Yuma and Silas of the awards team got to work on the much anticipated Chairman’s video. Programmers discovered how the Driver Dashboard corresponds to the different autonomous structures and even wrote a simple autonomous function. Members not doing specific sub-team work had made significant progress on the website.

Day 10 [1/21/16]:

Here’s a quick recap of what each sub-team got done today.

Prototyping team: Completed wooden Lowbar field element and worked on refining hanging mechanism system.

Programming team: Worked on getting the Pneumatic Control Module to function.

CAD team: Played catch up with the CAD due date.

Awards team: Filmed the club as we worked and got interview clips.

Day 11 [1/22/16]:

Prototype team: Worked on shooter lift and mounting it onto the kit bot.

Programming + Electrical team: Rewired pneumatics and got the compressor to start working. Solenoids are also theoretically working.

CAD team: “Today I continued work on the CAD of the intake. I then got angry after being told that the shooter must be 75 degrees. Later I was told it was actually 72 degrees. After which I was still angry. This is difficult. I realized that the custom gusset I used to mount the motors would not actually work very well (stability wise) so I need to find a way to do that better.” – Hua Uehara, head of CAD team & president of HVR.

Day 12 [1/23/16]:

Today our programming team was able to wire the robot. They were able to set up a ball shifter on the gearbox. The robot was made to run on a single Logitech controller instead of two Logitech Attack 3 joysticks. In addition, the robot was also programmed to do vision tracking with the reflective tape, pneumatics, and encoders. The prototyping team continued to work on the prototype for the shooter.

Weekly Conclusion:

As week two comes to an end, the teams progress is becoming more and more tangible

Major Accomplishments made this week

  • The programming team has made a program in Labview that can do a majority of tasks necessary.
  • Along with the electronics team the programming team was able to wire and work the pneumatics of the robot.
  • The CAD team was able to start on the intake and made a few adjustments to the chassis.
  • The prototyping team was able to work on the hanging mechanism on the robot. They have also made progress in developing the shooter and fixing it on to the robot.
  • The prototyping team finished building the low bar.

Website Crew: published the long awaited member biographies!

Stay tuned for updates on pictures! The Build Blog for Week Three can also be found here. Thanks for reading.