SW Build Blog: Week Two

Here’s the Second week of the Steamworks build blog! If you missed Week One, you can find that here. In this post, updates will be added daily as we go throughout Week Two (1/16 through 1/21). Pictures are coming soon!

Day 07 (1/16/17)

Today was a slow day because there was a lack of members on this Monday holiday but we continued to work on the robot. Caleb continued to tweak the pneumatic gear claw and added two 6″ wide C-channels, one on top and the other on the bottom. Josh made a roller fuel shooter that could hold at least 10 balls. The roller used rubber bands to push the fuel up but the rubber bands would snap from the speed the mini CIM (motor) would go so we have to buy surgical tubing. The hanging mechanism was worked on and two circular Plexiglas sheets were used as a guide for the rope.

Day 08 (1/17/17)

Today we continued to attach and adjust the gear pouch and hanging mechanism while Caleb continued to improve the pneumatic gear claw. Later that day, the fabrication team and the field elements team had a discussion to go over the needs, wants, and wishes as well as what needs to be finalized prototype wise. The hanging prototype needs to be completed and finalized, the hopper and low goal prototype needs to be fine tuned, and for a high goal shooter to be last priority. The files of CADs on Google Drive did not sync so the CAD team did not make much progress. The programming team tried to get the camera running on Lab View but was unsuccessful. Overall, today was a little slow but we got our priorities straight.

Pictures coming soon!

Day 09 (1/18/17)

The fabrication team has made a ratchet system that can hold over 170 lbs! We plan to change motors to increase efficiency on the robot. We decided to use chain and sprockets for the drive instead of using belts and pulleys.  The hanger was finished with an axle instead of an aluminum spool and we got to test out the hanging mechanism on Galahad several different times with two different ropes. The first rope we used was an inch, but the robot went up too far within one revolution so we used another rope that was an eighth of an inch which kept the robot from slipping.  Our google drive was having multiple issues that we were able to figure out with the help of our mentors.  The building and programming sub teams made a list of the supplies that will be needed, which we will be ordering tomorrow.  The fine tuning of the cad for the chassis is almost done and now we have to start drawing the chassis so that fabrication can begin as soon as possible.  The documentation sub team needs to work on keeping the website up to date and a work shop for the website is possibly going to be planned.  The programming sub team continued to work on PID as well as planning out the sensors we will be using.  As a team we need to work on staying organized and keeping up with deadlines.

Pictures coming soon!

Day 10 (1/19/17)

The programming team got the camera to work! This means we can use Vision Tracker to shoot low goals and possibly high goals. The fabrication team worked on the low goal intake and hanging mechanism. On the low goal intake surgical tubing was used, but the tubing would stretch past its limit and break. On the hanging mechanism, long hex screws were used to make sure the rope would stay within them. This is to make sure the robot will be balanced while hanging.  The fuel scoring mechanism was set up for testing and worked well with the use of a voltage regulator that adjusted the speed of the motors.  The newer members were assigned the task of re configuring Galahad, our robot from last first season.  They learned about gearboxes as well while working on Galahad.  The fine tuning of the CAD was also finished today!

Pictures coming soon!

Day 11 (1/20/17)

We ended the second week of FRC season with a productive day!  The fabrication sub team was able to mount the gear boxes onto our practice drivetrain A.K.A Galahad (last year’s FRC robot).  They also improved the intake’s consistency and worked on designing a mechanism to make low goals.   The CAD team began making drawings for the fabrication sub team to begin parts for the chassis, and continued making edits to the chassis.  In programming, a preliminary code in Java was made for the final version of the robot!  This will be edited as the season continues.  They also worked on vision tracking and tested out the ultrasonic sensor with our practice drivetrain.

Day 12 (1/21/17)

It is the end of week two! The fabrication team continued to work on the high goal shooter. A problem on the fly wheel was the amount of energy it took for the fuel ball to be launched so the wheel was switched out from a 4″ traction wheel to an 8″ pneumatic wheel. Now we need to to fix the accuracy and fix the amount of momentum lost after each shot. The electronics team continued to work with the ultra sonic sensor and discovered the sensor from FIRST Choice (which happened to be cheaper) could sense up to 16′ while the one we ordered could only sense up to 5″.

Weekly Conclusion

It has been another productive week! We have finished prototypes for the high and low goal shooter, gear pouch and pneumatic claw, and hanging mechanism. The CAD of the chassis has been fine tuned and ready to be used! We will start the fabrication of our new chassis next week!