SW Build Blog: Week Five

Here’s the fifth week of the Steamworks build blog! If you missed Week Four, you can find that here. In this post, updates will be added daily as we go throughout Week Five (2/6 through 2/11). Pictures are coming soon!

Day 25 (2/6/17)

The chassis has been welded! The fabrication team continued to finalize the final gear pouch  while another group of the fabrication team worked on the fuel system prototype. The CAD team discussed the whereabouts of the electronics on the robot because it is currently under the fuel system and we plan to move it to the side of the fuel box. The awards team continued to work on the Chairman’s Essay.


Day 26 (2/7/17)

Today the fabrication team continued to place the finishing touches to the gear pouch. The awards team finished the Woodie Flower’s Essay rough draft as the Chairman’s Essay and handed it to some of the other members to critique. Sadly, the programming team lost the original program on a malfunctioning computer so one of our freshman members, Corbin replicated the program as well as making buttons efficient. He plans to turn one button into a toggle. The CAD team continued to sketch out all the other parts of the robot such as the outtake so that they can get it to the fabrication team by tomorrow.


Day 27 (2/8/17)

Although it is already Week Five, we rearranged the furniture in the auto shop to accommodate the minor renovation we had to do on the outlets on one of the walls. When this was finished, the fabrication team mounted one side of the gear boxes to the chassis as well as the new chains that we received. The CAD team continued to sketch the individual parts needed to be placed on the robot. The programming team continued to work on the program and although Corbin couldn’t figure out how to make buttons efficient, he did learn.


Day 28 (2/9/17)

Today the fabrication team finished placing the drive train on the chassis and the electronics team has started to place the electronics board on the chassis. The awards team has finished the rough drafts for both the Chairman’s and Woodie Flowers Essays and now are undergoing editing from teachers, parents, and other members. Our artists, Lizzy, Zoe, and Sonja have been making designs for the banner!


Day 29 (2/10/17)

Today the fabrication and electronics team came across a problem with the drive train. When the right joystick was pressed, both sides of the drive would move. On low gear, the right drive would move at a much faster rate than the left side even though the left side shouldn’t have been moving. When the left side of the drive moved in reverse, it sounded as if the gears in the gear box were fighting. On the right side, the drive would start off fast and smooth but after a couple seconds the drive would slow down and then speed back. We did not know what was wrong so we checked the electronics on the robot but, we couldn’t find anything. The CAD team continued to finalize the mechanisms and print out the measurements of each piece.


Day 30 (2/11/17)

Today is the last day of Week 5 and the CAD team has finalized all mechanisms on the robot. While this happened, the team took off the gear boxes, chains, and motors from the chassis to weld new pieces like the gear pouch frame. The awards team continued to edit the essays while the documentation team started to get more footage for the chairman’s video.


Weekly Conclusion  

Coming soon!