SW Build Blog: Week Four

Here’s the fourth week of the Steamworks build blog! If you missed Week Three, you can find that here. In this post, updates will be added daily as we go throughout Week Four (1/30 through 1/4). 

Day 19 (1/30/17)

It is week four! On the fabrication team, Caleb has started making the gear pouch out of Plexiglas and will be riveted on with L-brackets. Dustin has drilled the correct size holes onto pieces that were cut week three. While this happened documentation team has started on the flow for the Chairmen’s video while the awards team started to put together the papers.

FRC 2017 1/30/17

Day 20 (1/31/17)

Our fabrication team got to work on Galahad. The drive had to be adjusted manually and would go into neutral a while after it worked and the gear pouch would become looser and looser after each use but the drivers got to practice collecting and setting the gear. While this happened, Chenoa and Josh continued to work on the outtake so that the fuel would go into the low goal with more accuracy and efficiency. The documentation and awards team continued to do their thing.

Day 21 (2/1/17)

The adviser’s desk has been moved! After that happened the sub teams went straight to work. The fabrication team made the outtake prototype so that it looked like the CAD. While some of the fabrication team did that, the others continued to fine tune fuel intake. The documentation team looked through the team’s google account to find footage of outreach events for the Chairmen’s video while the awards team continued to write the essays.

Day 22 (2/2/17)

The fabrication team continues to work the chassis by placing pieces before welding while we also work on the accuracy and efficiency of the outtake. The awards team has made the rough drafts for Chairmen’s awards as well as peer and teacher edit. The documentation team continued to make the flow of the Chairmen’s video.


Day 23 (2/3/17)

The fuel system prototype is finished! It has been fine tuned and added an anti slip mat to keep the fuel from slipping. The awards team continued to work on the Chairman’s essay. While these FIRST activities happened, the mill was drilled to the floor and the club’s budget was looked over.


Day 24 (2/4/17)

We finally started to weld the chassis together as well as finish the final gear pouch! We also added a backboard to the gear pouch so there would be less of a chance for the gear to fall out. Caleb noticed if the gear pouch is pushed against the airship, the gear pouch will bend so we have to be careful when placing the gear on the dowel. The awards team continued to work on the chairman’s essay.

Pictures coming soon!

Weekly Conclusion

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