SW Build Blog: Week Six

Here’s the sixth week of the Steamworks build blog! If you missed Week Five, you can find that here. In this post, updates will be added daily as we go throughout Week Five (2/13 through 2/21). Pictures are coming soon!

Day 31 (2/13/17)

It is Week Six, the last build week of this FIRST season! Since this is the very last week before bag and tag, we will be staying until ten o’clock. The fabrication have been preparing the rest of the unconnected pieces for welding. This required us to file the sides of the pieces being welded so the weld would go all the way through from the outside to the inside. We also cut and drilled most of the pieces that needed to be done. This included the acrylic pieces for the mounting of the electronics. Sadly, we had to take off the gear boxes and chain on the robot. The programming team continued to work on the program while the awards team continued to revise the essays. The documentation team has been retrieving and filming more footage for the Chairman’s video.


Day 32 (2/14/17)

We have finally finished welding the chassis! The electronics team continued to place the electronic components onto the electronics board. While the chassis was being welded, the fabrication team worked on gear pouch. The awards team continued to work on the Chairman’s and Woodie Flowers Essay. The documentation team continued to find and make footage for the Chairman’s video.


Day 33 (2/15/17)

The fabrication team has finished mounting the drive train, intake, and outtake! While the fabrication team did that, the electronics team continued to make the electronics board. The programming team are almost finished with the tele-operation program. The awards team continued to reverse the essays and the documentation continued to work on the Chairman’s video.


Day 34 (2/16/17)

The fabrication has mounted the side panels to the hopper and the base plate. They also started to make the bumpers. The electronics team ran into a small problem while placing the electronics on the acrylic because the acrylic isn’t good for the electronics so we decided to use a poly-carbonate board.

Day 35 (2/17/17)

Today the fabrication as well as the electronics team started placing electronics on the side of the robot as well as cutting long pieces that would protrude such as the axles. The programming team continued to learn Java and apply it to the program to write approximately 500 lines. The documentation team continued to get footage including interviews of some of the members for the Chairman’s video.


Day 36 (2/18/17)

Today we continued to mount the electronics and the pneumatics onto the robot. With the electronics done, we got the gear pouch and fuel system to work. We also mounted the poly-carbonate onto the other side of the robot. While the electronics and fabrication team mounted the electronics, the programming team continued working on the program. The documentation team continued to take footage for Chairman’s video.


Day 37 (2/19/17)

Its the third to last day of build season! The construction of the robot was finished including the mounting of the electronics.  There were issues with programming, so it was not able to drive.  A list of all the supplies we will be packing in the crate was made and each head of the sub teams were spoken to about what still needs to be done.  The banner and pin designs were finalized and we looked at how the pin making machine worked.  Today ended up being for organization and reflecting on where we are and how close we are to reaching our goals.


Day 38 (2/20/17)

Almost done with build season! The robot had numerous issues with its code and there were problems scattered in a large body of text, making is difficult to pinpoint exactly what the problem was. The programming team ended up emailing a mentor for help.  With proper connection and communication, half of the drive train was able to run, but it was backwards.  It was discovered that none of the solenoids, sensors, or cameras worked properly and had to either be rewired, replaced, or reprogrammed. There ended up being small copy and paste errors in the code as well as randoms ones throughout. The programming team changed their focus from fixing these small errors to getting the robot driving and working. Many of the motors had to be replaced and reprogrammed, which took time and the soldering of older wires. The drive shifts were not working, but that problem could not be fixed during this work session. The button for the gear pouch was also changed so that it stayed closed all the time, unless you press the button. The hanging motor was fixed as well, after two broken Victor SPs.  The cameras were finally fixed and placed in new places on the robot that would give us a better view. The bumpers were attached and the LED lights soldered and attached. This work session was a busy one full of trial and error. The robot now just needs to be fine tuned and driven!


Day 39 (2/21/17)

It is the very last day of 2017 FIRST Build Season! As soon as school was finished, our members rushed up to the auto shop to work on Hugo. The programming team continued to fix the program so that we can use two cameras. One would be used to spot a rope for hanging while the other would be used to spot for scoring. These two camera will help the drive team during competition because they cannot be at a close distance. Sadly, around six ‘o’clock we had to stop building, bag, and tag Hugo.

Weekly Conclusion 

It is the last week of 2017 FIRST Build Season and the robot has been completed as well as named! Hugo can shoot fuel cells, hang, and place gears onto a horizontal peg.