SW Build Blog: Week Three

Here’s the third week of the Steamworks build blog! If you missed Week Two, you can find that here. In this post, updates will be added daily as we go throughout Week Three (1/23 through 1/28). Pictures are coming soon!

Day 13 (1/23/17)

The CAD team has made and printed ten parts for the new chassis! Ara and Steve discussed the whereabouts of the electric board on the chassis. Later that session Matt, Josh, Dustin, Steve and Ara discussed the specifics of where the fuel system was to be on the robot and sketched it out. The fabrication team started cutting the pieces from this blue print and in the process, our newer members have learned how to cut and drill pieces. They also decided the spool of the rope will be 4″ long and the prongs for the spool will be 1.5″ from each side with a 1″ gap in the middle. Besides taking pictures, videos, updating the website, and making videos, the documentation team has started looking for inspiration for this year’s Chairman’s video.


Day 14 (1/24/17)

Today was a day of discussion and preparation for Onizuka Day. The CAD team just about finished designing the electronics board and started designing the intake, storage, and outtake for the fuel system on the robot. There was more discussion as to where each component would go on the robot. We found out the intake system would be too big on the chassis so we are going to change it to a conveyor belt intake. The electronics and programming team tested the two ultra sonic sensors and found out the older sensor worked.

Day 15 (1/25/17)

Today we found some problems with the placement of the fuel intake design on the robot. Steve had started on the positioning of the intake when we realized the 6″ sprocket, didn’t fit in the chassis. The sprocket is too tall to fit under the gear and gear pouch, and too deep to fit in front of the drive gear boxes. The total height of the sprocket would be 11″ plus extra for the expansion of the surgical tubing so Caleb, Ara, and Steve started a new, smaller design with the help of our mentors, Koa and Matt. The design was limited up to 7.5″ high, and 12″ deep in the chassis (not including the bumper). We played with some different ideas, including a low L-shoes conveyor system, 2 smaller sprockets, and a multi-function out/intake using a rotating version of the current outtake. By 7 we decided on a 2/3 sprocket system. Caleb and Dustin were able to get that prototype working by 9, and the one sprocket at 6″ high on the barrier of the box seems to work well for shuttling the fuel into the box. The programming team worked on sustainability of the club by teaching the freshmen how to program with LabView.

Day 16 (1/26/17)

Today was another slow day for FIRST. The CAD team continued to design and refine the fuel system and robot. The documentation team continued to go over winning Chairmen’s videos while the programming team taught the freshmen more about LabView. Most of the fabrication team was not able to be here so we worked on preparing for Onizuka Day which includes fixing up the VEX and VEX IQ Robots.


Day 17 (1/27/17)

The mill has finally come! It took about an hour and a half to move it from one place to another because the moving people did not place it in the area we expected. The new intake prototype was worked on so that it could take in the fuel cells without a hitch.   The surgical tubing on sprockets (fuel intake) needed some improvement so we attached zip ties to make sure the surgical tubing would not expand and snap. We also added a curved sheet of metal to direct the fuel up. We had more problems with the intake because the fuel would get stuck if there was an overload so we plan on fixing this tomorrow. We continued to prepare for Onizuka Day which is this week Saturday.


Day 18 (1/28/17)

It has been a long day from helping at Onizuka Day at 8 A.M. to staying at the auto shop until 9 P.M. We headed to the University of Hilo Hawaii to help spread STEM education at Onizuka Day with Vex IQ robots. We also got to referee Vex IQ matches to Vex IQ teams around the island including our intermediate school, Hilo Spartan Robotics. When we got back up to the auto shop, Caleb started on the final gear intake.

Weekly Conclusion

We have started the fabrication of the robot, made final edits to the prototypes and CADs, and prepared and helped at Onizuka Day a STEM event.