TMT Kohala VEX Tournament

On Saturday, November 22nd, HVR traveled to Kohala High school for the TMT Big Island Tournament. At the tournament, teams from all around the Big island and neighbor island schools were gathered to play this year’s VEX game, Skyrise.

For the first half of the matches, team 1378 stood undefeated, as well as seeded 1st. However, due to a number of fatal errors, various parts of our robots became less functional. Nonetheless, our members did not give up on finding a solution till the very end.

After Qualification rounds, team 1378Z stood in 11th place, and team 1378 stood in 12th place, joining the 5th and 6th seed teams, respectively. Both teams were eliminated in the quarter final rounds. At the end of the day, the tournament champions were teams 359A and 3590A, the Hawaiian Kids from Waialua high school, and team 2460, the Na Paniolo, of Kohala high school. For more information on this tournament, visit

Although this will conclude our 2014 – 2015 VEX robotics season, we will not take this as a defeat, but as a learning experience, and motivation to improve. We will review our accomplishments and our mistakes, as well as that of other teams so that we can return stronger than ever before in the next season. Despite our poor performance, it was a fun and exciting season. We hope to do better next year.


Meanwhile, we will be preparing ourselves for the upcoming FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) season, as well as concentrating on both fundraising and outreach. We will also be planning for our winter Camp Eureka, a youth robotics camp hosted by our students. If there are any fundraising and outreach opportunities that you can offer us, please contact us at