The new Vex Robotics Competition game for 2017-2018 is In the Zone, a cone-stacking game.

In the Zone is set on a 12-foot by 12-foot field. There are a red and a blue alliance, each with two robots. Each individual robot is limited to an initial size of an 18-inch cube, which they may expand from once the game begins. The object of this game is to stack cones the highest, scoring mobile goals, and parking robots in designated areas by the end of the match. Teams compete in matches with a 15-second autonomous period followed by a 105-second driver-operated period. The alliance that has the most points at the end of the autonomous period will be granted a 10-point bonus.

Please click here to access the game manual. This year, we have two Vex teams, each lead by two experienced members  who are mentoring our new members. We will posting information about competitions and our engineering notebook shortly.

We look forward to an excited new season of Vex! Stay tuned for more details on our builds as we make our way to competition.