VEX Worlds in Review

Cheers of amazement erupted from the hundreds of robotics teams in the audience as the stage lit up with sparks in a blaze of glory.  “See you all here next year!” yelled the announcer as a cannon of confetti exploded in the stands, showering the crowds in a torrent of color.  The team believes that robotics is about so much more than just building robots, and this amazing experience has proven that belief right yet again.

Nearly four hundred teams from all over the world met at the Anaheim Convention center this past weekend, each of them amount the top teams from their region.  Hilo Viking Robotics brought two of their robots to go head-to-head with teams from Mexico, China, Saudi Arabia and countless other nations and states.

To accommodate the massive amounts of teams in attendance, the competition was split up into five divisions, each consisting of eighty-four teams.  Both of HVR’s teams were split into separate divisions with 1378 being placed in the Engineering division, and 1378Z in the Technology division.

The level of competition at VEX Worlds was undoubtedly at a higher level.  Both of the club’s teams were up against robots that scored, moved and descored faster than any we had seen.  After fighting through stiff competition in all ten qualification matches, team 1378 ended up 23rd out of 84 teams with a record of  6/4/0 (Wins/losses/ties).  Team 1378Z ended up 22nd with a record of 5/3/2.

Although the team didn’t win as much as they had hoped, there is still much happiness to be found in the experience of the first worldwide competition that this club has qualified for.  Growing from a team that could barely place in their own regional to one that can take on the very best that China has to offer is nothing short of remarkable progress.

Overall, Team 1378 is proud of this past VEX season, and remains optimistic about returning next year to take on teams from across the globe in the new game VEX Toss Up!